Aol. – it means more with a period.

AOL. logo

I’m not a fan of AOL. Frankly, I’m not sure why either. Could it be the inundation of AOL disks and cds back in the 90’s or the ridiculously high prices? Dunno, I never signed up or installed AOL. All of that being said, their new look is interesting. It’s been awhile since they changed their feathers, but; it’s still an identity worth discussing. The design community is split on the direction. However, the prevalent opinions seem based on a preexisting negative bias rather than an objective critique. Here are a some articles that talk about the “Aol.” sea change:

And here’s a harsh but good one:

Overall, it would be interesting to see if all the work pays off. Check back in 5 years and we’ll find out. For the time being, I like their new corporate page What do you think?

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