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Copy Does Matter

Take a look at 37Signals’ common sense post about writing for the web. It’s a short read (probably on purpose), but it has some solid tips for the wordsmiths.

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Adobe Open Screen Proeject

The Open Screen Project is an industry-wide initiative, led by Adobe and backed by other industry leaders who all share one clear vision: Enable consumers to engage with rich Internet experiences seamlessly across any device, anywhere.

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Best User Interface Design Resources: The Round-up

Get your fix of download resources, inspiration, blogs, applications and more in this interface design roundup.

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25 Out of the Box *barf* Tutorials powered by jQuery and CSS3

CSS3 and jQuery are certainly not Flash killers, as the article states (read this if you don’t believe me. there are many more articles on the same topic to be revealed by a simple google search). However this article contains some killer examples of things to consider when designing non-flash sites.

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The Sate of the Internet

JESS3 gives us some internet facts and figures in the form of a moving picture show