Mayang’s Free Textures has a monster collection of free, high res textures, patterns and photographs. Many of them can be turned into tile patterns with a little retouching but with an archive this large at your fingertips the extra work is worth it to get all this for free. »


Estimated reading time in web design


If time is a factor, then this article is for you. For the next one minute and 58 seconds, you can gain some insight on how much content is actually being read on your site and how you can increase a user’s time spent reading that content.

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Standard Fonts

Here’s a list of what seems to be the most standard fonts across PC’s & Macs and now the iPhone/iPad. For more of a comparison, check out the windows/mac fonts page on

Dynamic Text Rendering – Use any font

Great article from Smashing Magazine about how to get around the web standard fonts. Compares all the technologies out there.

Harmony – A map of good

Maps can be used to explore more abstract information, not unlike static infographics. GOOD illustrates this with its “Roadmap to Harmony” presentation. The result is both logical and inspiringly creative. (FROM SMASHING MAGAZINE)

Best User Interface Design Resources: The Round-up

Get your fix of download resources, inspiration, blogs, applications and more in this interface design roundup.

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