Nation Shudders At Large Block Of Uninterrupted Text

WASHINGTON—Unable to rest their eyes on a colorful photograph or boldface heading that could be easily skimmed and forgotten about, Americans collectively recoiled Monday when confronted with a solid block of uninterrupted text.

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25 Out of the Box *barf* Tutorials powered by jQuery and CSS3

CSS3 and jQuery are certainly not Flash killers, as the article states (read this if you don’t believe me. there are many more articles on the same topic to be revealed by a simple google search). However this article contains some killer examples of things to consider when designing non-flash sites.

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Fun patterns


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Landor’s 8 principles of design


Aol. – it means more with a period.

AOL. logo

I’m not a fan of AOL. Frankly, I’m not sure why either. Could it be the inundation of AOL disks and cds back in the 90’s or the ridiculously high prices? Dunno, I never signed up or installed AOL. All of that being said, their new look is interesting. It’s been awhile since they changed their feathers, but; it’s still an identity worth discussing. The design community is split on the direction. However, the prevalent opinions seem based on a preexisting negative bias rather than an objective critique. Here are a some articles that talk about the “Aol.” sea change:

And here’s a harsh but good one:

Overall, it would be interesting to see if all the work pays off. Check back in 5 years and we’ll find out. For the time being, I like their new corporate page What do you think?

Perceived Affordance

One of the most important goals of web site usability testing is finding and fixing perceived affordance issues.  You can increase your usability, conversion and thus your web site Return on Investment (ROI) by improving perceived affordance.

What’s perceived affordance?  For web site owners, it’s the art and science of designing objects like ‘buy now’ buttons in such a way that your web site visitors know just by looking at it that they can click on it.

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