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How long should articles be?

We’ve been asked a few times, how long should content be. Repeatedly, the answer has been “keep it brief.” But, what’s not brief enough for  brief? It’s an interesting question that doesn’t have a simple answer. Some studies say “this”, other’s feel “that” and a few give analytical mishmash. Most seem to hover around a maximum of a 600 words. For advertising, it seems to be topping out at 300 words. Here’s some opinions:

If you take a look at this article, about half-way down there is a title called “When Long Has Value;” this has a great argument for a short and long form blended content strategy.

Here are some other articles that advocate for meaningful articles to be around 600 words:

(Also, it should be noted that 600 words would fill up about a letter-size page and half – thanks Aaron)